Monday, 9 September 2013

Romans in Ravenglass

...not to mention Britons and a few archaeologists!
Last weekend saw the last in our series of events marking the 10th Anniversary of the Opening of the Hadrian's Wall Trail.  The Deja Crew travelled to the farthest point of the Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site in Cumbria - Ravenglass.  There just a few minutes stroll south of the village is the Fort, vicus and Bath House of Glannoventa.
Archaeologists are on site for a month-long exploration, check their blog - Romans in Ravenglass. for the latest news and finds.

The Crew were on the Platform of the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway where Victor was gathering voluntarii for the Army, Muriel pedalling herbs and willow garlands, while Sulwyn made charms.

Victor tries to gain recruits from the Station Staff...

...after issuing some kit and a short training session! 

Garland and a charm to protect against bad luck.
Potter Gaius Bellicus, and Nest the Weaver worked at the  Pennington Arms Hotel showing the skills that made Britain famous across the Roman Empire for the quality of it's exports.

Shamus travelled between us and the Bath House, with tales of Britain, Rome and the Sea.

Meanwhile the recruits seemed to get smaller, 

and smaller...

and smaller still!

Despite the weather, many people took the time to explore the heritage of Ravenglass with us, some even coming back on Sunday for more!

Thanks to everyone, who helped us make the two days so much fun.

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