Friday, 9 September 2011

The Eagles Have Landed - eventually...

This post is really about something from last year, but the pieces have only just fallen into place.

The Eagles have Landed was a programme of schools and community events we developed for Hadrian's Wall Heritage, to support the touring exhibition from Tullie House, while their new Roman Gallery was being prepared.

We ran a 2 day public event at Segedunum (4/5th September 2010) while the exhibition was there. During the Autumn term we followed it to the other side of the World Heritage Site at Maryport. There was another 2 day public event (23/24th October 2010) at the Senhouse Roman Museum. We wanted to highlight the impact the sudden appearance of the sophisticated and intimidation Roman Legion would have had on the locals.

Talk about Culture Shock!

Each of our characters took a view on this, from soldiers extolling the virtues of Army life and recruiting with the promise of an easy life and wages, to the local craftspeople who may have seen new business opportunities and those who would have viewed all this with suspicion and fear. After all what did the Romans ever do for us?

The schools project involved working closely with all of Year 7 from Burnside College, almost 200 of them, during the first half of the Autumn Term. We ran Drama and Storytelling workshops, exploring the identity of those who may have lived near Segedunum and created a large ceramic sculptural piece.

All of this was last year, the new parts are

the publishing of a Teachers Resource, go to and scroll down. It's in a number of parts to ease the downloading!

and the installation of the ceramic sculpture, being planned in the centre picture above, at Tullie House for the opening of the new Roman Frontiers Galley early in the Summer. See Graham Taylors' blog for more details and images -

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